A Service-Oriented Device

  • Power of a professional’s laptop (1GHz x86 CPU, w/ 2.8 inch VGA touch screen) in a handheld (3.3x3.3x0.8 inch)
  • Mobile personal server capable of holding entire personal data and application environment
  • Multimedia server supporting all popular CODECs and major streaming protocols as well as automatic discovery of clients
  • Full-rate and high-resolution touch screen on the go, and plug-and-play wireless access to external display and keyboard at work and home
  • Use of high-speed WiMAX uplink (approximately 2Mbps) in personal broadband broadcast
  • Full-fledged Web browser supporting all those popular plug-ins which are traditionally only available on laptops/desktops
  • Support for rapid development/porting of applications and user interface